June 15, 2000 - 10:21am

organized religion, i don't get it. well maybe that is not entirely true....i do get it, but i cannot understand why some people actually believe some of that ancient crap. as far as i am concerned the bible is a wonderfully written story that spans thousands of years in which people can live by and learn from. but written by the hand of god? please....ok yeah, sure, it is all about faith. i have to believe. the wool is pulled over my eyes. you keep telling yourself that to validate your self made superiority over me.

ok now that i have your attention i will start making logical, intelligent sense. victory's diary was what prompted this rant i guess. if you are a christian you might want to go check it out. she seems very dedicated and faithful to her beliefs. i respect that a lot. i did read other entries and she has written about many other things besides religion and she seems like a nice girl.

see i believe that religion was created by man's uncertainty and fear of the unknown. religion has been around as long as man. before man had science they needed faith to explain the unknown.

now my question lies in this...how can ancient religion survive today with the proof of what we know from science? i cannot fathom how a person living today can say that they believe that god built the world in 7 days and adam and eve were the first people. we have proof that the earth was around far longer than people and the universe is so infinitely large how could there be a god that is so close to earth? if he does exist don't you think he's got a lot more on his mind than whether or not you can find the money to go to bible school?

now that i have probably offended most of you....i will say this....i do believe in god, however it is a different kind of god that is spoken of in the bible. i have a strong faith in something bigger out there. however i have just an easy time of proving that to other people than anyone does trying to prove to me that there is a heaven and a hell. i believe in love on earth. i believe in equality and kindness for all people. i believe god can be found in everything on earth, nature, soul and spirited passion of every person. god is no some bearded guy sitting on a cloud burning bushes....god is a concept, god is an idea. since god is a concept it varies from person to person, so who is anyone to say that i am wrong or that you are wrong? i think the moment you try and push your ideas on others and expect people to change their beliefs to fit you, you are defying the very essence of what god created.....if god does exist, which no one can PROVE, he created us all, and in us all lies fundamental difference. so why do some religious freaks discount that? how the fuck can god be biased if he created everything?

those fucking people who say "i have a personal relationship with god and you are going to go to hell. but that is ok i will still be your friend." are such arrogant ass holes. gee thanks for the privilege. how can they not see that they are ripping apart the very love that god was originally intended to stand for?

i was raised jewish. an absolutely beautiful religion and culture. i however do not believe in everything that is preached in the bible. i believe in the story's moral value and the thousand year old tradition behind them. i do agree that there is no heaven or hell. however i do not let how i live my life on earth dictate what is going to happen to me after i die. i am nice to people because i empathize. i am humble because i believe in everyone's potential. and i live every moment my life to the fullest now for myself, not to please god, because what good would it have been for if i die and nothing happens?

that is what i need. probably not what you need.

some people need more. some people need to be lead by the hand for comfort. and that is wonderful. if it aids to making the world we are in now a more peaceful place i am all for it. just don't try and tell me i am wrong. i certainly will never tell you that. there is no right or wrong. there is only you. and what you are and who you are now is all that matters.

my preaching for the day....your life here is short and it is all about the journey good experiences, bad experiences. i personally feel very privileged that i was given the chance to live it. so live life to the fullest every step of the way.




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